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Hi! Mayline here with you again and I am excited to be sharing my second guest post on the Spellbinders blog. For today’s post, I’ve created one card and one mixed media journaling that I made for the first time.  That is why I am so excited to share this project with you.

Here is my card for today:

_DSC8916 copy

To start off, I stamped one of flowers girl images from Flower Girls Clear Stamps on 4-1/4 by 5-1/2 sized watercolour paper. Next, I stamped a sentiment from Crafty Minx Clear Stamps using a masking technique on the panel.

_DSC8924 copy

I stamped a painting palette and brush images on the panel. I coloured them using watercolour paints. Lastly, I add yellow colour splashes to the panel for creating a fun texture.

_DSC8922 copy


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Here is my mixed media journaling!

_DSC8887 copy

To start off, I placed one of Flower Girl stencils onto a paper and secured in place with low tack tape.

_DSC8863 copy

Then, dabbed into Squid Ink Cave Black to pick up the colour. I gently pressed a blender sponge through the stencil. I continued pressing the sponge to colour the areas.

_DSC8865 copy

Next, I watched Jane’s colourings tutorial from YouTube. This tutorial helped me a lot to learn how to use smooth markers.

_DSC8867 copy


Also, this project was inspired by her tutorial.  If you are interested you can watch it below:


To show the clear face shape, I used a black pen to draw eyes and lips. And I coloured flowers using Smooth Markers – Feathered Friends and Mermesmerizing.

_DSC8869 copy

To make a fun background, I drew a hair shape using a pencil and then I covered some area that I did not want to blend.  After that, I blended the open area and it turned out to be an awesome hairstyle.

_DSC8874 copy

To make the girl’s hair, I drew a hair shape using a pencil and then I covered some area that I do not want to blend.  After that, I blended background.

_DSC8885 copy

Here is the final look. After I blended it, I added water splashes to the yellow background area and then used Washi Girls Washi Sheets to create a fun background. Lastly, I put a brush in the ink bottle (Squid Ink Gold Bullion) and then drew few leaves. I hope you enjoyed today’s my project.

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300g Watercolor Paper, Mixed Media Book, Watercolor Paints, Pencil, Black Pen, yellow & Orange ink.

Thank you for stopping by!