Spellbinders – Butterfly Gardens Card


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Hi friends! This is Mayline, thank you for joining me today. This is my last post with projects I made using dies from the Flower Garden collection by Sharyn Sowell. I normally make an A2 sized card using stamps, dies, and inks but today’s project I have made a square card without stamp images. Also, I wanted to make this card playful and interesting. So I layered many die cutting pieces. It was a bit challenge for me but I really enjoyed.

Mayline-spellbinder-butterfly gardens-01

As I mentioned above, I normally make A2 sized cards, this time I made a 6-3/4” square card. I started by creating a panel 6-3/4” square panel with skyblue cardstock. And then I cut out four of the Floral Panel Card dies using same skyblue cardstock. After that I taped them to each end of the panel. So I completed to make a lace square cover.

Mayline-spellbinder-butterfly gardens-03

Mayline-spellbinder-butterfly gardens-05

For the inside of the lace cover, I created a square panel that is slightly smaller than 6-3/4” using white cardstock. And then I used the Rose Bird Topiary Etched dies to cut white paper. And I cut the pieces in half. After that I adhered the half pieces of die cutting on the edge of white square panel.

Mayline-spellbinder-butterfly gardens-06

Next I prepared an A2 sized top folded white card panel. I cut out three of the Birds Singing Border Etched dies using white cardstock. And then I adhered the pieces on the A2 sized panel. Next I cut leaves and a ribbon using the Dimensional Floral Panel Etched dies and then I colored them. And set aside. I cut another shape of leaves from gold paper and watercolor paper using the Card Creator Floral Panel Card Etched dies. And then I colored the leaves blue color using watercolor paints. Next I stamped a sentiment with white pigment ink on the black cardstock and then I cut it in banner shape. And then everything put together on the panel. So the cover part of the card is done. Let’s move on inside of the card.

Mayline-spellbinder-butterfly gardens-04

Mayline-spellbinder-butterfly gardens-09

As mentioned in the beginning, I wanted to make this card playful and interesting. So, when you open the card you can see a colorful butterfly. To start off, I use the Dimensional Floral Panel Etched dies to cut a wreath using a gold paper. And then I created colorful panels with watercolor paints to make a butterfly. After that I used Botanical Butterfly Etched dies to cut a butterfly body, insert wings, decorative wings and antennas. I put them together. Next I adhered the wreath and butterfly on the inside of the A2 sized panel. And I adhered A2 sized panel to the white square panel. To complete this card, I attached the white square panel on the inside of the skyblue square.

Mayline-spellbinder-butterfly gardens-02Mayline-spellbinder-butterfly gardens-07Mayline-spellbinder-butterfly gardens-08

Thank you for joining me today. And thank you Spellbinders for inviting me to share! I truly enjoyed.


Spellbinders Supplies:

Other Supplies:

White cardstock, skyblue cardstock, 300g Watercolor Paper, Black Cardstock, Gold paper, Watercolor Paints, Stamp, Glue, Double Tape, White Pigment Ink


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4 thoughts on “Spellbinders – Butterfly Gardens Card

  1. jintyoo7 on said:

    Stunning ideas 🙂

  2. Beautiful, Mayline!!

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