Delightful Darlings Collection from Spellbinders

Hi Crafty friend!

I am sharing with you a big news. I finally introduce these stamps that I designed! I am super super excited and honoured to introduce my collection of stamp sets, called “Delightful Darlings” from Spellbinders. I have designed four stamp sets and all accessories, sentiments, and images can mix and match each other. I will share a video of how to work with all small items with four girls. 

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Before sharing videos and my cards, I would like to share a short story of the collection where the idea was coming from. When I was a little girl I loved paper dolls which I could change clothes, accessories and hairstyles. And I enjoyed colouring all images using crayons, colour panels and paints. Also, I loved to play with paper dolls with my friends and my mom more than Barbie dolls. That good memories continue until now. That is why I love crafting things, especially for card making and that memory gave me good inspiration for this collection.

Here is my collection Delightful Darlings! There are four stamps and each stamp has a girl with sentiments and small items. As I mentioned earlier all small items/images can be shared with these four girls. So I have made a video to show how they work with each other and I hope it helps you get some ideas when you use them.

This second video shows how four girls will work together and more fun things! Don’t miss!

Now I am sharing cards that I made with the collection! For today, I just share the main photos of all cards but I will share videos of how to make these cards on the next posting and share more cards! So stay tuned!

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I have another good news and why these stamp sets are so special for me. We are waiting for having a new family member for a long time, sadly it was not easy for us. However, YES, we have a new member and she is in my belly now (9 months) and I am so excited! So when I designed these stamp sets I imagined my baby and I play with them like I did with my mom as I mentioned above. It will take time when my baby is available to use crayons but that is not a big deal!

I am so so happy the collection is finally released today!!

Again, Next posting I will be sharing videos how to make these cards and share more cards! So stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy and love them too!

If you want to see more spellbinders projects click the image below or find categories and select spellbinders as the image shown below. Happy crafting!

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