Today I am sharing a Halloween card using this month’s Eek-A-Boo small die set which is perfect for making Halloween card. With this die set, you can make a human figure and decorate it like Halloween costumes.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 11.43.45 PM

Here are my little guys wearing Halloween costumes. It was so fun to make them. With them, I made a Halloween card._DSC9993 copy

Ta-Da! One little boy was walking on the street but he felt something following…  Initially, I made a little boy alone among ghosts and I changed my mind to add his friends in the card. You can see the next photo below.

_DSC9991 copy

With friends, he looks less scary but I like first card layout. One day I have time/any chance I make more little boy/girls wearing another Halloween costumes.

_DSC9995 copy


  1. Create an A2 sized panel from some white cardstock.
  2. Create a background image using a blending technique with orange and purple ink on the panel.
  3. Stamp an iron fence image at the bottom of the panel and set aside.
  4. To make little guys, cut white/black cardstock using Eek-A-Boo small die set and assemble each piece and then color them with markers.
  5. Adhere ghost to the panel as the photo shown above and tape little guys to the panel.
  6. lastly, add words “Eek-a-boo”

_DSC9996 copy_DSC9999 copy copy

Here are all the Spellbinders’ FSJ Monthly Membership Clubs. The September kits are available September 1-30th.

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