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Hello friends 🙂  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Before sharing my cards that I made I have a question. What comes to mind when you think of new year? For me, I thought of New Year’s Eve fireworks  in the night sky.  Yes! today I am sharing two cards using our  Pyrotechnics stamp set. This stamp set is the perfect stamp to make a great and beautiful fireworks display image . These cards are one layer cards using our new Couture Color  inks!

OK! let’s take a look at my first card! I only used our white pigment ink called Hampton White on black cardstock. It’s a gorgeous opaque white and it gives beautiful and crisp results as it dries.
_DSC9258 copy copy

Here is my next card. It’s the same design.  I stamped the Pyrotechnics  images using our Couture Color inks on white cardstock. The inks that I used are the Crystal Pewter dye ink and Noir dye ink which is one of my favorite Couture color inks because it’s a crisp and true darkest black ink (it becomes my everyday ink when I make cards. It’s AWESOME!!) and Rose Gold Bangle Pigment ink.

_DSC9262 copy2

Here is a close-up of Rose Gold Bangle Pigment ink that I used my second card.  Can you see how beautiful and shimmery the rose gold color is? It’s a very unique and gorgeous ink that I have never seen before. I love love love this ink!! Effie created a video for the Rose Gold Bangle Pigment ink. If you haven’t checked it yet click HERE.

_DSC9277 copy


As you can see from the images below  it looks  sandyish texture but it actually is not. When I took this picture it was an extreme close up and the glitter was shining so it looks like it has a texture but it’s as smooth as other pigment inks and has that  metallic shimmery and glitter sparkling look.

_DSC9242 copy-c

Here is my last card for today. This card I was inspired by classical blue and white porcelain coffee or tea set idea as you can see from the images below.  For my last card I used our  Vintage Frames stamp set, Tea Party stamp set, and Caffeine Crush Sentiment Set.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.53.14 PM

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_DSC9266 copy copy

I hope you enjoyed today’s card. Thank you for stopping by.