5 cards for The Ton’s Mid Summer Release

midsummer release


Hello friends, Happy Monday!

Today is The Ton’s Mid Summer Release. YAY!!! I am so excited! I am sharing five cards for today. Let’s take a look at them!

First card for today, I used beautiful seed beads which debut today. There are 60 different beads in different colors. WOW!! I selected rainbow colors to make my first card. (Cherry pearlBurnt Orange , Lemon tartSea foamSky blueUltramarinePeriwinkle )

_DSC5896 copy

 Here is my first card for today. I made a shaker card and a clean & simple card.

For the sentiments, I used Friggin Fabulous stamp set from The Ton.

card-1-natural light

Here is a close-up of my first card!
_DSC5810 copy


For the second card, YES! I used seed beads again. Look at the color!

How beautiful it is. When I saw this color it reminded me of yummy candy.

_DSC5901 cop1y

Here is my second card for today. I used  Friggin Fabulous stamp set and seed beads (Mint , Clear Hot Pink, and Ultramarine).I love those color combination. And I created my own background using  circle stamps , Glacier Ice from Color Box pigment ink pad and Buttercup from Mama Elephant pigment ink pad.

What is your favorite type of candy?

card-2-natural light

Here is a close-up of my second card!

OH~It’s yummy colors. Yum-Yum

_DSC5819 copy

At the bottom I used beads which called Bright Gold Seed Beads.

_DSC5821 copy

_DSC5820 copy

Here is my third card. It’s ice-cream candy bar!

I created my own background using Friggin Fabulous stamp set and Strawberry Daiquiri Bugle Beads  which debut today and Glacier Ice from Color Box pigment ink. For the panda, I used Panda Can’t Even stamp set.

How cute is it?

card-3-natural light

Here is a close-up of my third card!

card-3-1_DSC5813 copy

_DSC5815 copy

Here is my fourth card.

What do you think of this card? Doesn’t it so gorgeous and elegant? I love this card very much!

I used The Ton’s Wild Peonies  stamp set, Simple Florals stamp set and Flourish Embellishment (Crystal) which debut today.

card-4-natural light

Here is a close-up of my fourth card!

_DSC5777 copy

_DSC5845 copy

_DSC5846 copy



For the last card for today, it’s a similar layout as a fourth card. I  stamped flowers on the center of the cardstock.  For the sentiment, I used Heart Diamonds stamp set from The Ton and Flourish Embellishment3 (Crystal) which debut today.

card-5-natural light

Here is a close-up of my last card!


_DSC5854 copy

_DSC5785 copy


Here is a video how this Crystal is shiny

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed all my cards 🙂

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