La La La~ a sweet card

Hello 🙂

For this card, I mad long time ago and finally I am posting yay!

It’s very cute and lovely card 😀 isn’t it? This card I used special tools 🙂




I created my own image with watercolour 😀 and a stamp that I used Hero Arts CL265.






This is my special weapons for this card! hahaha 😀

I used glue stick and glue gun.


This is white glue stick I have two more colours which are pink and brown.


My glue gun is not too hot so the silicone mold did not melt. But I am not sure yours so before using it please test it.



After that the surface was not even so I used heat gun to make it smooth. Please don’t heat too much.

I did in just a few seconds and my glue stick is easy to melt.



Take a closer look at it 😀

It mixed brown and white. Actually it was by accident. Before I use white glue stick I used brown one.

So brown glue left inside of the heat gun . That is why the colours were mixed. Hahaha..

Thank you for stopping by 🙂